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Bench board (black alder)

Sauna bench board - without knots

Manufacturer’s code:


Price for 1st class:

05.00 eur/m


28 mm


90 mm


1800 mm - 3000 mm

Tree species:

black alder

Product type:

sauna finishing board


dried, planed

  • Prices are shown excluding VAT.

  • The length must be coordinated with the sales manager.

The branchless sauna bench boards are made of high-quality black alder saw logs, and can be used for sauna benches. To prevent deformation during operation, the boards are industrially dried and contain 16% (+/- 2%) moisture. There is only one class of bench boards available: class 1 and they have a smooth, planed surface. After purchase, the materials should preferably be stored in a dry space with low humidity.

Telephone number:

63323188; +371 29396147


Kuldīga, Rumbas pag. "MARS"

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