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Sawdust briquettes

Chip briquettes - a natural, high-quality, energy-efficient fuel material


200,00 EUR palette (for legal entities)

224,00 EUR palette (for private customers)

Moisture content:

10% (+/- 2%)

Thermal capacity:

4.3 (+/- 0.1%) MWh/t


without adhesives

1 pack of briquettes contains 10.00 kg. 1 pallet contains 960 kg.

Chip briquettes are a natural, high-quality and energy-efficient fuel material, which is produced only from pressed pine wood chips, without the use of additional binders. Sawdust briquettes are convenient to use and suitable for heating in private households and boiler houses. Briquettes can be used in heating furnaces and boilers designed to burn solid fuels. Wood chip briquettes are packed in 10 kg packages, there are 96 packages on a pallet.


63323188; 29396147


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